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Enhanced adhesive for wall and floor tiles, suitable for any ceramic coating.

Not affected by the dimensional changes of different substrates.

Recommended for balconies, terraces, basements, bathrooms, for bonding tiles on floor heating systems.





The special acrylic resins that contain the correct classification of aggregates, provide significant resistance to frost and moisture while enhancing the mechanical strength.

A constant composition and homogeneity without lumps, with good workability and very strong adhesion.




Combine material from the package to the appropriate amount of water into a container (with mechanical stirring) to the prepared mixture "melosei 'and gain consistency. Each sack 5kilo 1.5 litro need clean water. You have time for 3-4 hours to use the quantity preparation. Recommended stirring periodically without adding water. Apply as much glue as needed (with proportional spatula) for working time 25-30 minutes to avoid the creation of "skinning".




white mortar

coagulation Pot (Pot- life) 4-5 hours

Available application time 30-40 minutes

Minor adjustments and corrections Time 50 minutes

Grouting allowed after 24 hours for floors, after 12 hours for walls

Installation temperature from + 5ºC up to + 35ºC

Consumption 3-5 Kg / m

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