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Ideal adhesive of premium quality with high impermeability, frost resistance, adhesive strength in refractory surfaces. Contains QUARZMEHL offers excellent bonding to surface inequalities (not sitting). Frost is with great anti-slip capability. C2TE S2 classified.


Recommended for pools, on ramps, for very hot and cold surfaces, suitable for poroveton, welding ceramic tiles on absorbent tiles or non absorbent ones. Ideal for every kind of building panels, granite, Cotto, Klinker, glass mosaic, porcelain, GROUP IV, stone lining.


Very good workability with excellent adhesion.

Water repellent with great resistance to temperature changes

Stable composition with strict gradation

Vinacrylic bases with unique resistance to aging



Mix the glue with water in a clean container (without other additives). Ratio 25kg body powder with 7-7.5 liters of water, until you form a paste with no lumps (recommended mechanical stirring).

The mixture is allowed to "melt" for 5 minutes and stir periodically without adding water. The glue remains working for 5-7 hours.


Required 4-5 Kg / m² depending on the surface and the size of the tiles.


White silica base mortar

Selected quality ingredients

Coagulation Pot (Pot-life) 3,5 -4,5 hours

Available application time 30-40 minutes

Minor adjustments and corrections Time 50 minutes

Grouting allowed after 24 hours for floors, after 12 hours for wall

Installation temperature from + 5ºC up to + 35ºC

Temperature resistance from -30ºC to + 120ºC

Specific weight 1,4 Kg / lt

Foot traffic 24 hours

Resistance to aging Excellent

Resistance to oils, solvents Excellent

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