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Adhesive for ceramic tiles designed for economical and effective adhesion indoors and outdoors. The product leverages the utmost scientific knowledge and our long experience and is suitable for professional use.

"GLORIA ONE" is characterized by:

· Very good workability.

· Adhesion in cementitious substrates.

· Resistance to slipping.

· Resistance to shrinkage.

Optimum price-quality ratio.

Ø In bathrooms the outdoors must be used together with adjuvant emulsion "GLORIA DMG".

Ø In tiles Gres Porcelanato with very low absorption or oversized tiles recommended Special glue Gloria or Gloria Royal.

Classified C1T in accordance with European standard EN 12004.



Use a tile adhesive "GLORIA ONE" on walls and floors cleaned of loose particles, residues stick substances or other substances.

· Mix quantity "GLORIA ONE" with a similar amount of water into a clean container and homogenize with an electric mixer at low speed for two (2) minutes to form a paste that does not show tracks or insoluble clots (lumps). Each sack 25 kg of product takes about 6 liters of water to form a working paste. In preparing the slurry vessel "GLORIA ONE" retains "plasticity" and remains pliable  for 3-4 hours at normal room temperature.

· Place the tiles without wetting the back, stretching right amount of glue and pressing right on each and every piece. Use plastic crosses or Ts to leave adequate joints. Once you place the tiles, you can fix the position of each one for no longer than  15 minute. After that time. the adhesive and the tile are "stabilized" and can not be any other deformation of any kind.



 3-5 kg per square meter (m²). It depends on the size of the tiles, the type and number of the spatula (determined by the size of the edges) and the placement thickness.

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