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Special tile adhesive Super Acrylic is formulated with perfect applications for extreme resistance to compression and posting. Suitable for all types of tiles of large or small dimensions. For skirting welding, brick, stone, granite, Klinker and Cotto, for exterior and interior. Meets fully the requirements of C2TE S1 class.



 Very strong glue for special welds with excellent results in mosaic, tesserae, Porobeton, plasterboard, for commercial and industrial traffic areas.

Resistant to vibration and pressure. Highly resistant to temperature variations. A constant composition and homogeneity with good adhesion and good workability.


Combine the adhesive with water in a clean container.

Ratio 25 Kg of powder to 6.7 liters of water, until a paste with no lumps (recommended mechanical stirring) is formed.

Allow the mixture to homogenize for 5 minutes and then stir periodically without adding water. The adhesive remains workable for 4-5 hours.



Required 4-5 Kg / m² depending on the surface and the size of the tiles.



white mortar

coagulation Pot (Pot-life) 4-5 hours

Available application time 30-40 minutes

Minor adjustments and corrections Time 50 minutes

Grouting after 24 hours for floors, after 12 hours for wall

Installation temperature from + 5ºC up to + 35ºC

Temperature resistance from -30ºC to + 120ºC

Specific weight 1,4 Kg / lt

Foot traffic 24 hours

Resistance aging Excellent

Resistance to oils, solvents Excellent

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