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Wate-resistant tile grout GLORIA ARMOSTOC

Used for filling the gaps on both wall and floor ceramic tiles (mosaics, natural stones, etc.), all types, both indoor and outdoors. The putty is a mixture of cement and aggregates with the addition of resins, the materials to life the nuances and additional hydrophobic contaminants. By adding water the putty becomes a paste that works easily for filling the joints of tiles. After the addition of water, the jointing putty GLORIA ARMOSTOC dries and hardens to give a correct result with perfect grip at the edges of the tiles. Also resistant to detergents and dirt. It has very low absorbency. SPECIAL FOR thin (0-12mm) and thick (5- 18mm) joints.

1. We need to make sure we have cleaned the joints as better as possible before filling them. In case tiles are placed with glue, can puttier after stabilization of the glue and not until 6 to 8 hours. NB: To moisten the joints when the temperature is high (above 35 o C).
2. .The mixture of stucco GLORIA ARMOSTOC is made ready by 3 parts of stucco with some fresh cold water in a clean container should in no case be rusty. This mixture can be used not until after the next 2 hours.
3. .The joints are filled with grout GLORIA ARMOSTOC using a plastic spatula or in any case with rubber spatula. Let the mixture dry for 15 minutes at least. Remove the excess grout joints achieving a normal contour, and then pass vertically from top a damp sponge. Once thoroughly dry thoroughly cleaned the surface (tiles) with a dry clean cloth.
4.Avoid placing at a temperature below +5 o C. Be sure however to moisten the surface placed by putting in hot weather to ensure perfect hydration.

1. 5.CLEANING: tools, buckets, clothes and hands soiled by GLORIA ARMOSTOC grout clean with just water. 

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