About Us


Gloria S.A. was founded in 1979 as tile adhesives manufacturer. It is a premium quality company enjoying both domestic and international recognition. Our comparative advantage is formed upon the basis of our impeccable quality, our expertise and knowhow developed over the last 3 decades, as well as our focus on satisfying customer needs by offering on-the-spot assistance and innovative new products.

All of the above have made us see a steady rise since the beginning. Our new owned plant in Lavrion, Attica has made us create even higher expectations concerning the production of new construction materials. Full automation diminished costs, lets us offer our customers best value for money services and products. This is our main comparative advantage.

Through the years, we have cooperated with the best known commercial shops in our sector as well as the greatest Greek constructors in projects that have changed our country’s profile dramatically. There is no better recognition for our efforts but this. Gloria S.A. is now standing confident towards new goals, new markets, new projects, and new adventures.

Innovative products are now taking old products’ place by applying more sophisticating but also more effective and user-friendly techniques.

Our goal is to be able to adapt at all times to an ever-changing environment.

Our channel of distribution becomes even more flexible, our quality control operations remain strict, and our company’s identity becomes stronger and stronger towards peoples perceptions. It’s the trust of the greatest contractors but also the trust of each and every individual, which makes us eager to live up to their expectations.