Waterproofing Ointment Mortar PRIMERPLAST

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Special cement based material for waterproofing walls or floors facing either positive or negative (from the inside) hydrostatic pressure. Effective product for stopping the spread of moisture, resists in constant pressure of 2 atmospheres (20 meters of water column). When mixed with water the "GLORIA PRIMERPLAST" is slurried with a high fluidity that may be applied by trowel, brush, or brush obtaining excellent adhesion to the substrate even if there is a slight negative pressure. When cured is made on coating "PRIMERPLAST", it becomes a cementitious waterproof membrane unstretchable formula (rigid) one-component (1K).


Underground walls and foundations 

Concrete Tanks 

Wells, cisterns

Flower stands, swimming pools

irrigation channels


It also applies before each filling of a layer of soil, before the liner coating, geotextile felts or bituminous membrane.


Do not use "PRIMERPLAST" to solve internal water vapor condensation problems. In this case use dehydrating plasters or improve the ventilation of the area or adequately insulate the space.

Do not use "PRIMERPLAST" surfaces in gypsum, plasterboard, painted walls, plywood, particle board or asbestos cement.

Do not mix "PRIMERPLAST" with adjuvants, cement or inert filler materials.

Do not dilute the pulp of "PRIMERPLAST" with more water than recommended in the instructions.

Do not use material that came out of an open package (sack).



Clean the surface from dust, dirt, formwork or varnish. Remove loose or friable surface sections with brush, sandblast or high water pressure (for large projects)

Seal cracks with acrylic or polyurethane mastic and repair where damage with repair mortar

Wash any kind of salts with a special cleaning fluid


Combine in a clean container "PRIMERPLAST" at the recommended ratio of water and mix with an electric mixer at low speed 2 to 3 minutes until a homogeneous slurry is formed and obtain consistency such as not to drip when receiving a brush. Allow the mixture to stand 1 to 2 minutes and mingle once again.

 Saturate the surface with water, particularly in high temperature season. Wetting is made to saturate the substrate caring to evaporate excess water or removed by wiping.


Application by brush requires 2-3 layers (hands). Ensure that the previous screed has  been dried sufficiently before applying the next. This will happen after 3-4 hours at normal room temperature. To correctly apply the "PRIMERPLAST" take care to cover corners and potholes or any cavities. In hot weather or wind and intense sunlight is recommended to spray the surface of the "PRIMERPLAST" with water after having pulled a little to prevent the sudden evaporation of water from the laying of the young "PRIMERPLAST". Purification pulp of your tools is made with water before it hardens.


The product is not suitable for floor surfaces suffering any kind of movement. If this is unavoidable should the film of "PRIMERPLAST" be coated with cement or ceramic tiles.

Grey or white premixed mortar. Hazard classification according to OJ C 88/379, irritating. Time to be left to let the surface time matureafter use is 2-3 days. Very good resistance to temperature fluctuations and frost. Conservation and shelf-life 12 months in original unopened packaging in a low humidity area.

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