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ROYAL C2T Κόλλες και Αρμοί Πλακιδίων
ACRYLIC TILE ADHESIVENew synthesis product based on white cement and synthetic resins, ideal for bonding all kinds of ceramic tiles on cement floors and plastered walls (such as bathrooms etc.). Professional product, shows excellent workability, adhesion, moistur..
ACRYLIC TILE ADHESIVENew synthesis product based on wh...


SPEIAL C2TE Κόλλες και Αρμοί Πλακιδίων
'GLORIA' SPECIAL       PROPERTIES       Tile adhesive for indoors and outdoors. Very durable and the most economical for laying tiles in cement, plaster, concrete, foamed concrete. Easy to work with, it has excellent adhesion (op..


SUPER C2TE S1 Κόλλες και Αρμοί Πλακιδίων
'GLORIA' SUPER PROPERTIES Special tile adhesive Super Acrylic is formulated with perfect applications for extreme resistance to compression and posting. Suitable for all types of tiles of large or small dimensions. For skirting welding, brick, stone, gr..
'GLORIA' SUPER PROPERTIES Special tile adhes...


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