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Coarse mortar used for coating building surfaces, brick, light building elements or concrete with mechanical strength and moisture resistance.

Used as a "scratch" as it presents very good grip, consistency and workability. Applied to external surfaces without cracks or pops. The composition is stable, reproducible and raw material are of the highest quality production standards. Prepared by the European standard EN998-1.


Clean the surface from dust and soak with water when there is too hot. Prepare mud adding appropriate amount of clean water. The absorption of water is immediate and pellets absence is characteristic. A 25kilo sack of Gloria "Underplast" needs total 4.5-5 liters of water. Apply the mortar mixture and plastered in one or two layers 5-6 mm thick each.

The fresh coating easily paves among drivers with the bar and straightens maintaining consistency without being "lifted". Each layer pulls (dried) at a time from 20 minutes to 2 hours and the next is applied after 24 hours. The "final layer" or the plaster "Leimplast" will be applied 24 hours after the last layer of "Underplast" is applied.


8 to 10 kg of dry mortar per screed thickness of 5-6 mm or different, 2.5-3m² each sack in one hand.

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