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Industrial product used for coating building surfaces (old plaster, brick, concrete, ceilings).

Replaces traditional plasters "roughcasted and marble."

Applied in the same way in two or three layers of 5-6 millimeters each.

The same material is used as a "scratch".





Stable composition and mixture homogeneity

Very good workability

Strong adhesion without lime

No cracks or capillaries at high temperatures

Applied by hand or with a press

Has high resistance to frost (resistance to delamination - adhesion loss)




1. Clean dust from loose areas or oils formwork surface.

2. Dampen with water if it comes to absorbing surface or high temperature (over 30 degrees)

3. Combine material from the package to the appropriate amount of water to vessels or mixer until the slurry prepared obtain homogeneity and consistency.

4. Determine that a 25kilo sack of "GLORIA UNIPLAST" needs 5-6 liters of water. You have at your disposal 2-3 hours to use the quantity prepared before it starts to tighten and thicken. The time is calculated based on normal ambient temperature (23 ° C and 50% relative humidity)

5. Apply with a trowel until two players thick 5-6 millimeters

6. Smooth surfaces need a layer of "lath" from the same material

7. If it is applied to a greater thickness than the recommended, the product does not "sag" or getting detached from the background and is easily aligned afterwards.

8. When you start tightening surface to 'draw', smooth with float, hard sponge or styrofoam, after you put some water on them.

9. Each screed drying time ranges from one half to two hours, depending on temperature, relative humidity, wind, the absorbency of the substrate and the coating thickness.

10. In column associations or spar with bricks or other dissimilar surfaces use a reinforcing mesh plaster.




They take 10 to 12 kgs of material to coat a square meter of 5-6 mm thickness.

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