Higplast Ινοπλισμένο Επισκευαστικό Κονίαμα για την Αποκατάσταση Τοιχοποιείας - Το Μόνο με Αντισκοριακή Προστασία 5kg

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Fiber-reinforced cement mortar fast setting for performing restoration, maintenance and protection in substandard construction surface parts in a short time. High quality product for the use by professionals and D.I.Y. applicators. Used equally effectively in floors, walls or ceilings.


Characterized by:

· High mechanical strength.

· Very good adhesion to the substrate.

· Excellent workability.

· Reduced permeability.

· Ability to apply a vertical surface in a thick layer.

; Minimal curing shrinkage.

Absence of corrosive agents (chloride or sulfate ions and lime).



Ø concrete reinforcement Coating disclosed due to oxidation and consequent breakage.

Ø the successive layers of sufficient thickness.

Ø Filling parts missing in wall structures or stone.

Ø Damaged floors restoration (potholes or subsidence earthquakes or traffic wear).

Ø Broken edges and corners in balconies and parapets.

Ø Corners bearing structure parts (columns, beams, columns, etc.).




The HIGHPLAST is applied to stabilize and resistant substrates preferably coarseds. Remove loose or broken and remainings in loose parts. Clean the surface from dust, dirt, debris or any other dirt. Wetted slightly with water or mixture of water and reinforcing emulsion "GLORIA DMG" in a weight ratio of 1: 1.


Add quantity of "HIGHPLAST" in water and stir well until you form homogenized paste without lumps. The stirring time in the mixer is usually 2 minutes intermediate of waiting period of 4 to 5 minutes before use. That  25kilo mortar sack is becoming a consistent slurry with 4.2-4.5 liters of water. The time available to use the paste preparation is approximately 15 minutes at an average ambient temperature 20-23oC. Then accelerated coagulation and avoid dilution of water mass. Prepare new amount dumping the one that is  congealed. Please work at a temperature above + 6oC. Use appropriate smooth spatula or trowel.

The slurry "HIGHPLAST" coagulate in 25 minutes at normal room temperature and gives a satisfactory surface hardness within a few hours after application.



During the summer months and in case of very high temperature or strong air current, it is recommended to wet the surface bearing the "HIGHPLAST" with water in order to guard against violent evaporation. This is done in the first stages of coagulation and especially thick layer applications (thicker than 2 cm).

Each layer of "HIGHPLAST" can be having 2 to 2,5 cm of maximum thickness.



Is maintained at least for 6 months from date of production in sealed bags and in low humidity areas.


17 to 18 kg / m2 / cm of layer thickness.

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