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Reinforced Acrylic Putty with new advanced formulation designed in the laboratory and tested in construction offering superior properties, quality and economy.


The "Garet Seal":

Adheres extremely in different and varied textural surfaces of exposed concrete to cement panels. It is applied even to wet surfaces (not saturated with water).

Quickly acquires early mechanical strength and develops hydrophobia. Thus may remain unpainted for a long time without swelling or making cracks on the walls.

Recommended especially for outdoor use.

Spreads easily, adheres very well in corners of the corner beads without sagging.  Each superimposed hand applied after the previous one, adheres without causing lifting or crumbling at the points of overlap.

You can fill gaps or cracks with paste "Garet Seal" up to a few millimeters thick. Using a second or a third hand smoothing is avoided thus it allows to cut back back costsof money and time.



Ø Clean from any formwork oil, construction dust or other pollutants.

Ø Moisten slightly with water in case of high temperature or intense blowing outside.

Ø Old paints must be carefully scraped with a scraper and remove the rotten area completely. Similarly launched down inflated plasters and the area is restored by quick setting repair "MASTERPLAST" case of patches, for small areas (less than 0.5m²), or a layer of "UNIPLAST" for large surfaces.

Ø Cracks or capillary repaired by sealing them with acrylic elastomer putty which is applied with a thin spatula to penetrate well in the gap.



Into a clean container add quantity of "Garet Seal" with the appropriate amount of water and mix with an electric mixer at low speed until they form a homogeneous paste without lumps or visible insoluble quantity or pieces.



The amount required for 20 kgs of 7.6 liters of pure water to form a working paste "Garet Seal". Wait 3-4 minutes and he sometimes even use the shuffle. Incrementally mix the paste in the container to avoid caking due to the high content of resins.

Apply the mixture to a suitable spatula in one to three plies (hands), leaving an intermediate time 3-4 hours.

Rubbing the surface is recommended for not before the next day with comfort and ease. In a period of low temperatures and high humidity is somewhat difficult rubb by hand, or when grouting is done several days after . In such a case either use mechanical means (lap) or rub after the next applied layer.



a) bagged product:

Appearance: Dry powder very white (estimated visually)

Texture: fine powder with a maximum particle size to 75mm

Solid components: 100%

Health risk: minimal


b) prepared paste:

Determination of fresh mortar consistency (EN1015-3): 175.4mm (with addition of 37.5% water)

fresh mortar water retention Determination (EN1015-8) 99.3%

Determination of fresh mortar slot (EN1015-9): 38%


c) hardened essay:

Determination of capillary absorption coefficient (EN1015-18): w = kg / m² * h½

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