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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET (TDS) 2nd edition April 2016


Fine grained cement putty, formulated after a highly sophisticated composition, for putty plastered walls, with excellent properties and price/quality ratio. Used on interior and exterior surfaces of the technical features to guarantee quality and fuel efficiency.

Belongs to category GP mortar, CS II, W1 according to the European standard EN 998-1.

● Adheres excellent on building surfaces such as exposed concrete, plaster, cement, stucco, etc.

● quickly acquires mechanical strength and hydrophobicity to a certain degree. It adheres well even on slightly fresh substrates.

● Recommended for external use as the puttied surface can remain unpainted for a long time without being "inflated" or make local cracks in walls.

● Spatoularetai with great ease, "hold" is not very good in the corners or corner beads without sag (thixotropic). There tiring hand on spreading with a spatula, the paste is spread comfortable texture is smooth without lumps coherently "butter".

● Each laminated layer is applied after the previous hand pull without causing "lifting" (lifting) or crushing it.

● It is feasible to filling with the paste GARET SUPER a thickness of 1 or 2 mm without cracks formed. So the application of the product becomes cheaper.

● Replaces most traditional levelling methods.


Surface preparation:

Clean from any formwork oil, construction dust or old paints. Moisten with water in case of high temperature or intense blowing outside. Blisters (vesicles) or peeling paint or plaster must be removed with scraper thoroughly and remove any other kind of debris. Cracks are repaired by sealing with the acrylic elastomer putty or light stucco repairs GLORIA AFROSTOCK that is best applied with a spatula and pressed into the gaps. The net surface now does not need priming with oil and is ready for filling.


Add an amount of GARET SUPER with the appropriate amount of water into a clean container and mix with an electric mixer at low speed until they form a homogeneous paste without lumps. Wait 2-5 minutes and stir once before repeating. Incrementally mix the paste in the container to avoid caking and to better homogeneity.

Apply the mixture to a suitable spatula to one to three layers (hands), leaving intermediate time 2-3 hours.

The putty sanding occurs after 6 to 12 hours depending on the temperature and humidity. 

Mixing ratio:

Each paper sack of GARET SUPER needs theoretically just 7.6 liters of clean water. Of course it can not be used with a whole of the bladder content or all of the water. The mixing and stirring takes place in partial amounts.


● Physical state: Solid mixture.

● Appearance: White, very fine powder.

● Spectrum grain aggregates: Up to 75mm (top cut).

● water mixing coefficient (water factor): 38%.

● Conservation of product: 12 months in closed packaging when stored in an internal room with low humidity.

● Mineralogical composition inactive ingredients: Microcrystalline calcium carbonate.

● Consumption: 1.1-1.2 kg / sq. measure / mm layer thickness.

● Reaction to fire (ELOT EN 13501-1): European Class A1.

● Compressive strength (ELOT EN 1015-11): (category CS II).

● Bond (ELOT EN 1015-12): N / mm2 - FP:

● Dry bulk density of hardened mortar (ELOT EN 1015-10):


In resistant paper sacks of 20 kg and in small of 5kg.

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